A wine’s finish refers to the impression that a wine leaves after it’s been tasted. A long finish is often seen as a sign of quality. However, the term ‘finish’ can specifically refer to the aftertaste, to how long the flavors last until they fade, and also to the textural impact it has on your palette.

There are many ways to describe a wine, so the best thing you can do is find a vocabulary that works for you and feels natural when you use it. For instance, our 2019 California Chardonnay has a medium body that balances a fresh acidity in its clean finish. A clean finish promotes a “fresh” taste. It also suggests that the wine’s characteristics are defined, distinct, transparent, and easy to distinguish.

As for our 2018 California Cabernet Sauvignon, the Soft tannins round the full-bodied mouthfeel leave a velvet finish. A velvet finish most commonly refers to the enjoyable texture of the wine that is lush and smooth. It also suggests that the wine contains a balanced structure of flavors and has a lasting finish that lingers on your palette.

Most often and as a rule of thumb, when drinking a dry white wine, you will usually find a clean, crisp finish. A California Chardonnay or White Burgundy may be more powerful, stretching out to the 45/60-second mark. Young reds will generally possess a linear finish. These reds tend to be lighter in taste and are more approachable for the uninitiated palate.

Because every wine has a unique finish, it’s hard to keep track of what each finish means. If you are ever stuck in the wine aisle and you’re trying to decide on which wine you want based on a specific finish you can easily search their meanings using California Wine Clubs “Wine Tasting Terms Finder.”

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