Winter is winding down and warmer weather cannot get here fast enough. We all need a delicious white wine to kick off the summer season. There are several amazing wine choices, however, summer wines are chosen very differently. Typically we select our wine based on food pairings — a Syrah with steak, Grüner Veltliner with vegetables, and Merlot with chicken — but in the summer, we tend to think in terms of activities.

We The People have asked our American loving wino panel of three to pick their favorite summer wine based on activities like laying poolside or enjoying a crisp glass of wine at a neighborhood barbeque. It’s worth noting that these wines taste lovely all year long, but summer is a great time to get to know them.

Riesling: This is another great choice. It can wear a thousand different hats depending on where you make it. In its younger form, Riesling is known for expressive fruity, floral notes. Depending on where the grapes are grown, the fruit character can range from bright citrus to luscious stone fruits and pineapple. This easy-drinking wine is perfect with a day at the beach or laying poolside.

White Blends: When you have a bottle of a white blend, complex flavors will ignite your taste buds. Most white blends will have notes of citrus and white fruit. This white wine is the perfect wine for family get-togethers and late-night summer bonfires.

Chardonnay: Let’s be honest, the world’s most popular wine pairs well with any summer activity. With a medium body balance and fresh acidity in its clean finish, this wine makes the perfect refresher after a long summer day. Based on the region your chardonnay was grown it could have a wide range of flavors and profiles. If you’re looking for a well-balanced and medium-bodied Chardonnay we encourage you to try our We The People 2019 California Chardonnay.

If your favorite summer wine didn’t make the list and you would like to share, please email us at We would love to see your favorite summer wines and post them to the site to share with other fellow wine aficionados!