We the People Wine is a brand built on America’s founding principals and a promise to our customers: we produce premium, American-made wine and we don’t despise you for your political, religious or any other views you may have, whether they are the same as ours or not. We The People dedicates a portion of our profits to support conservative causes that hold strong to the same values that we hold so dear. Because of what we stand for, certain large wine retailers refuse to sell We the People Wine, making it increasingly more difficult for us to share our message and mission with the American people. Now, we’re taking the fight directly to them with a national petition to end censorship of pro-Americas products. Sign the petition below to fight with We the People Wine to protect our First Amendment rights:  

    Petition To: National Association of Wine Retailers

    ATTN: Daniel Posner, Director

    621 Capitol Mall, Suite 2500

    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Mr. Posner, 

    The American people are tired of watching big retailers, silicon valley, and Hollywood openly censor and discriminate against anyone that disagrees with their far-left narrative. We the People Wine openly supports Pro-American ideals and the principles that built this country… and it’s why large retailers refuse to allow thousands of our customers, and proud Americans, from buying our products in stores. 

    We the People are tired of being silenced and censored for no reason other than our political beliefs and urge the National Association of Wine Retailers to address this cancerous trend before it’s too late. 

    We the People know that large retailers live in fear from silicon valley and the media, forcing them to discriminately select products and force openly conservative products off their shelves. This makes it harder than ever before for the American people to buy products from retailers that support their rights and fight for their freedoms! 

    We the People urge you to take this matter seriously, as our constitutional rights are under attack and threatened more and more each day. Take action to ensure every American has the ability to freely and fairly sell their products in stores. We look forward to hearing from you.