Fear not: anyone can learn how to determine the differences in the taste and qualities of wine. Learning how to taste like a pro can be a great skill to have.

With our help, you can turn your taste buds into a fine-tuned wine tasting machine.

Because people depend much on their senses for better information, the sequence in tasting is better known as the sensory examination. Although you might already be aware of some of these, the following tips will help you in your next wine tasting.

Tip #1: Observe the Details of the Wine Color

Observing the details of the wine color is a must. This can be done by tipping the wine glass until the wine reaches the rim of the glass. Because the color of grapes tends to deepen with age, wine with a deep, solid color will often be much older than a lighter colored wine.

Tip #2: Use Your Sense of Smell

Among the most distinctive parts of wine is its smell. Take the glass to your nose and smell it, and try to determine the nature of the smell. Bonus tip: swirling the wine will help you release its aroma.

Tip #3: Hold Your Glass Correctly

Typically, your glass will come with a stem. This is where you should hold the cup because a source of heat like your own hand can affect the wine you’re tasting, especially when it comes to tasting white wine!

Tip #4: The Taste

For starters, many professionals won’t immediately swallow, and will instead let the product roll across their mouth. Some people also inhale extra air with their sips to further aerate the product. Focus your concentration on the characteristics of the wine that are detected by your tongue. You should then be able to answer the questions, was it sweet? Was it dry? Was it acidic?

Obviously, every professional has several tips and tricks that they use to distinguish specific aromas and finishes. We hope our beginner’s guide to tasting wine like a professional helps you stand out amongst your friends and family the next time you go wine tasting!

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